Cubo Village is a living environment introducing a new standard of quality of life in Slovenia.

It takes inspiration in the nature of Slovenia where the sea, the mountains and the air create a complete natural setting.

Cubo Village homes are life spaces with thoughtful design aimed at balancing all elements precisely leaving no room for excessiveness.

The close focus on details, the advanced technologies, the premium class services and the harmonious natural surroundings create the measure of perfection embodied in Cubo Village.


Cubo Village is a lifespace rooted in a profound understanding of perfection.
In zen art, the enso circle is a universal symbol of wholesomeness and completeness.

Many masters make the drawing of the enso their daily practice but only those who have a pure and self-consistent spirit can create a true enso.

The enso was originally developed by people walking the path of self-discovery and self-actualization. In that way it is not merely a reflection of some abstract philosophy but a representation of personal experiences and values.